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Welcome to the City of Belleville Bid Opportunities Website

The following is a list of our current online bid opportunities. For bid results or bid status please refer to the drop down Status tab below (currently set to "Open" below on the top right side of the page). If you are unsure of the project status(open/closed/awarded) - select "All" under Search Criteria>Current Status>drop down menu. Please Note: the City does not post the “unofficial” dollar amounts for RFP’s, only for Tenders and Quotations.

Note:  All Bids close at 1:00 p.m. local time.  Public openings are held for Tenders ONLY (Proposals and Quotations do not have Public openings).

Bidders are invited to create a free bidding System Vendor account by clicking on the “Create  an Account” button. Bidders must have an existing account or create a new account prior to becoming a registered bidder. When creating an Account, bidders select commodity code(s) for goods, services and construction and the City of Belleville’s Bidding system will notify the Vendor by email of any Bid Opportunities matching their commodity code(s)selection.

There is no fee for electronic documentation. There may be a fee for a hard copy picked up in the office.  Please contact Purchasing Services for more information on obtaining a hard copy.

City of Belleville’s Bidding System Features:
FREE PREVIEW OF OUR BID DOCUMENTS prior to registering as a Plan Taker for a Bid Opportunity and paying any Bid Document fee (if applicable). Prospective Bidders may preview the Bid Document at no cost to determine if the Bid is of interest to your firm (Click on Bid Details for the Bid Opportunity). If you view a document without registering as a “Plan
Taker”, there will be a watermark on the document. You must first register as a Plan Taker to gain access to the non-marked file.

Bidders must be a REGISTERED Plan Taker to submit a bid. Registration will ensure that you are added to the contact list and that you will receive notification of any addenda that may be issued with respect to the Bid Opportunity.  Please note that failure to acknowledge
an addendum in your submission may result in the rejection of your response to
the bid Opportunity.

Purchasing Supervisor  - Christine Fradley
(613) 967-3200 ext. 3301

Purchasing Administrative Assistant - Amy McMillan
613-967-3200 EX 3203

Purchasing By-law 2011-101

Corporate Health & Safety Policy

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Note:  Only documents found on the City's website are to be considered "official".  The City of Belleville accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information found on other websites.  The onus is on the bidder to check this site to verify they have received all relevant bid information.

Technical Support:

If you encounter technical issues,  please contact For questions pertaining to a specific bid opportunity, please refer to the contact details of the buyer provided in the bid document.